Person taking picture of check for deposit

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Remote Deposit Capture

Even Easier Than the ATM

Our digital check processing tool lets you electronically deposit most types of checks using a scanner at your home or office.

Online Banking from a smartphone
Intuitive Platform
Transmit Any Check

Deposit money orders, consumer checks, cashier’s checks, and corporate checks electronically.

Streamlined Processing
Delivers Quick Access to Funds

Centralizing your check processing.

Improves Efficiency & Profitability

Save time by cutting out daily trips to the bank.

No hidden costs
Save Costs

Avoid bank fees and float on minimum balances.

Financial Software
Maintenance Free

No hardware or software to purchase, install, or maintain.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3
  1. Log in to FFB’s secure remote capture site.
  2. Feed the desired check into your scanner.
  3. Type in the check amount & submit.

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