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Important Fraud Protection Alert!

Your financial security is of the utmost importance to FFB. Here are some Fraud Protection Tips:

      • Please be aware that we are seeing an increase in online payment fraud.
      • Please review the payee information carefully before sending funds from your account.
      • Review the information on the FBI website to learn other ways to protect yourself from cybercrime.
      • When working with a vendor, be sure to look for signs that can verify their identity such as double-checking
        their information and account number as well as questioning any changes to the payee information.

We take every possible security measure to protect your personal and account information from theft. That way you can focus on hitting that next financial milestone while we protect what you already have.

Financial Software

Information Encoding

Through online banking, any private information you send or receive from FFB is encrypted, which means only you can actually see it.


PIN Security System

Three incorrect password entries and you’re out. If you simply forgot your password – don’t worry! Contact us and we’ll get you verified & logged back in as quick as possible.

Universally Accepted

Automatic Logoff

If you’re inactive for 10 minutes while logged in, we’ll ask you to re-login to the system before proceeding. Better safe than sorry.

Customer Service

24/7 Network Monitoring

We work around the clock to snuff out any suspicious behavior – just to keep your business as usual.

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Online Banking Best Practices

Just by following these easy steps, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of an unknown party compromising your personal or account information.

  • This one may seem obvious, but DO NOT reveal your User ID or password to anyone. Your login credentials are designed to protect your banking information, but they only work if you keep them to yourself.
  • Change your Online Banking password frequently. Every month would be ideal.
  • Don’t walk away from your computer if you’re in the middle of an Online Banking session.
  • Once you’ve finished an Online Banking session, sign out before visiting other sites.
  • Regularly clear your browser’s cache to erase any stored information. This is especially important if you’re accessing your account on a public computer or device.




Business Owners: Steer Clear of Corporate Account Takeovers

A corporate account takeover is the business equivalent of personal identity theft. Hackers, backed by professional criminal organizations, often target small and medium-sized businesses to gain access to their web banking credentials or remote control of their computers. These hackers will then drain the deposit and credit lines of the compromised bank accounts, funneling the funds through mules that quickly redirect your money overseas and into the hackers’ accounts.

As a business owner, we highly recommend taking proactive steps to avoid, or at least minimize, potential threats. Such steps include:

  • Use a dedicated computer for transactional activity. DO NOT use this computer for general web browsing, email, etc.
  • Apply operating system and and application updates (patches) regularly.
  • Install anti-virus / spyware at its latest, most current version on all computers.
  • Install host-based firewall software on all computers.
  • Use the latest versions of internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Explorer, and Firefox with pop-up blockers enabled.
  • Shut down your computers when they aren’t in use.
  • Review and approve each transaction individually. Avoid batch-approving.
  • Review your banking transactions and credit report regularly.



As always, if you notice any suspicious or unusual activity related to any of your accounts, please call us at (559) 439-0200.