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The Cash-Flow You Need for Sustained Business Growth

With BusinessManager®, your business will receive cash deposits every time you submit an invoice, giving you quick access to the money you’re owed. So when you typically wouldn’t receive payment for 30, 60, or 90 days, you’ll now have cash on-hand to:

  • Meet payroll
  • Add staff to keep up with growing demands
  • Purchase new equipment or upgrade technology
  • Improve customer or patient experience
  • Take advantage of potential vendor discounts
  • Seize new growth opportunities in your industry
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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Online Banking and Bill Pay

Online Banking and Bill Pay

Mobile Banking

Online Banking and Bill Pay

Online Banking and Bill Pay
Any Fast-Growing Business

More than 30,000 businesses have made BusinessManager the #1 small-business lending alternative in the nation. Visit to see how it works and to view video testimonials from business owners, like you.

How it Works:
  1. FFB purchases your accounts receivable at a discount, both initially and on an ongoing basis as new receivables are generated.
  2. Funds are deposited into your account, giving you the positive cash flow you need.
  3. Using BusinessManager’s electronic commerce feature, you then exchange receivables information quickly and easily with FFB through a secure internet site.
  4. You’ll also gain access to detailed management reports with important information on aged receivables, customer balances, credit applications, and more.

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