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Broker Resources

Below you will find all FFB forms. All forms must be included when submitting a new loan package.

When submitting a new loan package please email Veronica Carrera to receive an invitation to a share file. Please list all emails that will be included on the share folder.

We will accept the following forms if the borrower/broker have their own forms (if using the borrowers/brokers form they must include all the information reflecting on the FFB forms).

  • Schedule of Real Estate (signed and dated)
  • Rent Roll (signed and dated)
  • Operating History (signed and dated)

The following forms need to be submitted prior to submitting the loan package. This will allow us to request an appraisal.

  • LOI – executed
  • Third Party Form
  • Rent Roll
  • Operating History
  • Purchase Contract (with all amendments) – if applicable
  • Deposit wire/check must be received by FFB to order appraisal

When submitting a new loan package please use our Stacking Form as a checkoff list. This will ensure a complete package is submitted.

  • Financial Statement for the following.
    • Individual(s)
    • Entity
    • Trust
  • CIP form for all individual(s), Entity(s) and Trust(s) on loan. Use the Personal CIP for Individual(s) and Business CIP for Entity(s) and Trust(s)
  • Trust Certifications can be notarized at closing with loan documents

If you have any questions when completing any of our forms please call me Veronica Carrera at (310)920-8456 or email me at


As a broker, do I need to be approved to do business with FFB prior to submitting a loan package?

Yes, FFB will only do business with brokers who have been approved by FFB.

What items are required to apply to be an approved Broker with FFB?

  • FFB Broker Application (Company Information, Corporate Officers and Ownership, and References)
  • FFB MFR Disclosure and Authorization for Investigative Consumer Report
  • FFB Broker Agreement
  • FFB MFR Rights Under FCRA
  • W-9

Where can I find application documents?

Application Documents are located on the FFB website.