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Wire Transfers

Your Most Important Transactions with SPEED, SIMPLICITY, SECURITY and SAVINGS.

Wire transfers are one of the fastest ways of moving money but sending these transactions through non-secure e-mail or via fax is fraught with risk. We want you, your business, and your money to be as safe as possible from this risk. By adding the Cash Management portal to your Online banking account and combining that with leading secure token technology your identity is protected and authenticated with multiple devices all under your control.

  • Speed – Initiate your most important transactions from the convenience of your office or home, anytime. Build and store templates for frequent, or repeat, wires to the same endpoint to save time.
  • Simplicity – Our Online wire process is simple. You use your Online banking portal, input the needed information and send the wire.
  • Security – World leading token technology provides the most secure authentication available. For even more security, add two different individuals to make and approve all transactions.
  • Savings – Lower price for wires done via Online Cash Management. FFB Wires have never been so inexpensive.

Cash Management and Secure Wires give you more control and security than ever before.

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