When football season hits, that means it’s time for tailgates at FFB Bank! As many of our customers know, we’re no stranger to throwing events and our tailgates are some of the biggest events we host all year! In fact, the FFB tailgates have become a tradition at the bank, with our first tailgate taking place back in 2016. Of course for newer customers or those interested in the bank, you might have some questions around what goes down during tailgate season. That’s why we’re here to give you an in-depth look at what a tailgate with FFB Bank is like and how YOU can join the fun!

Why do we throw tailgates?

As mentioned, tailgates at FFB Bank have become a beloved tradition for both staff and customers. We’ve always stated that the bank’s success could not have been made possible without the dedication of our team, the support from our clients, and the Fresno community as a whole. So our tailgates are one way that we show them all our appreciation! We look at the tailgates as a great opportunity to say hi to each and every one of our customers while kicking back, relaxing, and cheering on the Fresno State Bulldogs!

When do the tailgates take place?

Every time there’s a home game at Fresno State, you can count on FFB Bank to host a tailgate – and to start early! Our tailgates always open 3 hours before game time to give everyone a chance to stop by and get into the gameday spirit. As long as the Fresno State Bulldogs keep playing, FFB Bank is there all season long!

What happens at our tailgates?

Another way we love to show appreciation for our customers is by supporting their businesses! For each tailgate, we choose to hire local restauranteurs who bank with us to help provide delicious food and desserts for those who attend! In the past, we’ve had everyone from long-time favorites such as Westwood’s, Ampersand, and Mad Duck to newcomers like G’s Creamery or underrated small businesses like Churros 5 A’s.

Aside from catering, we also have an open bar for all our 21+ customers to enjoy. Don’t worry though, our tailgates are family-friendly, so your little ones are more than welcome to come too! Plus, we always have plenty of tailgate-only swag items for people of all ages, from mini footballs to pompoms that you can use while cheering on the dogs!

And yes, everything offered at the FFB Bank tailgate is ON US! All you need to do is RSVP, show up, and have a good time! Don’t forget to take a picture with our photo props on your way out. We love to see your pictures on social media – and you could get featured on FFB Bank’s story!

How do I get invited?

Our tailgates are open to staff and customers only. As long as you bank with us or you’re a part of the FFB team, then the hard work is done. Just be sure to keep an eye on your inbox a week before each Fresno State home game. FFB Bank’s Marketing Team will send an email answering all your questions about the event – who’s catering, where’s our tailgate spot, what time are we starting? Plus, we’ll have an RSVP link included within the email. Feel free to add your name and/or business name and let us know how many people are coming with you. Every customer is allowed to bring up to five guests with them for each tailgate!


Tailgate season is the most fun time of the year at FFB Bank. After all, these events are fan-favorites for a reason – and we love throwing them for everyone! With only two more home games left this year, don’t miss your chance to come out and see what all the hype is about. We can’t wait to see you all at Valley Children’s stadium as we close out this season. We hope you have an amazing time and come back again next year. Go dogs!

Check out our video: Tailgates at FFB Bank!