Soft Quote and Formal Quote Requirements

Soft Quote Requirements

  • 2 years plus YTD of operating history
  • Trailing 12 month, month-by-month operating statements (P&L)
  • Current rent roll (to include any concessions)
  • PFS (personal financial statement) for Sponsors/Guarantors. FFB requires minimum of 6 month PITI and net worth equal to loan requested

Formal Quote Requirements

FFB will need the following items to get a formal Letter of Interest of Term Sheet. These quotes will be subject to full underwriting Property:

  • Last 3 years Operating Statements (P&L)
  • Trailing 12 month, month by month (P&L)
  • Trailing 12 month, month by month (P&L)
  • Current rent roll
  • Summary of capex to date (If applicable)
  • Stabilized budget (FFBRIDGE requirement)
  • Property Details (to include address, description of the project, unit-mix, age, construction type and photos)
  • Offering Memorandums (for acquisitions)
  • Sponsor/Guarantor information
  • Organizational chart
  • Personal financial statement for each guarantor*
  • Resume/bio for each guarantor (if available)
  • Property management company info (if not self managed)

*Any individual owning more than 20% of the of the property. For guarantors with limited experience a strong property management company will be required.